Temple Beth Or’s Youth Programs complement our schools by giving our young people the opportunity to make lifelong friends while participating in fun social activities and character-building community service projects.

RALFTY (Raleigh Federation of Temple Youth)

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RALFTY provides both social and community service activities for TBO high school students.RALFTY members come together many times during the year for learning, fun, worship, community service, and fellowship which helps build and strengthen lifetime ties with each other and with Reform Judaism. RALFTY is part of the North American Federation of Temple Youth’s Mid-Atlantic Region, and many of our youth participate in regional events in addition to the local events.

Yearly events include special High Holiday services, beach trips, Triangle and Triad area lock-ins, ski trip, social action projects, and lots of hanging out with friends. Advisor: Hannah Demick


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RALFTY Jr. (Junior Raleigh Federation of Temple Youth)

Jr. RALFTY is TBO’s middle school youth group. Members also participate in the National Federation of Temple Youth’s (NFTY) Mid-Atlantic Youth Kallah program. Local events include many social programs, as well as community service projects. Advisor: Carolyn Sloan. friedabee@yahoo.com

RALFY Breishit and RALFTY Sha’ar

Youth Together is now RALFTY Breishit (for K-2) and RALFTY Sha’ar (for 3rd-5th) for TBO children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and children in 3rd-5th grade. Our goal is to enhance and expand our Jewish community for our children. Some of our past events include horseback riding, rock climbing, and Havdalah services at the Heritage Retirement Home.RALFTY Breishit and RALFTY Sha’ar will host social events throughout the year for families with elementary-age children. Please check Temple Topics, special e-mails and our bulletin board in the Religious School hallway for additional information.


RALFTY Breishit (for k-2) – Hannah Demick
Contact info: hdemick@tboraleigh.org or hannahdemick@yahoo.com or 919-781-4895 ext 102











RAFLTY Sha’ar – Rafi Abergel rafi.abergel@gmail.com

URJ Camps


Picture1URJ Camp Coleman                                       6 Points Sports Academy

URJ Kutz Camp                                                URJ