Temple Beth Or – House of Light -- strives to be a beacon to all who enter our doors. We are a reform congregation with over 100 years of history in Raleigh.

Our monthly service schedule is designed to meet the diverse needs of our congregants. You will find engaging sermons drawing from today’s most relevant societal issues … contemporary Jewish music … guest speakers who enlighten and educate us … all uniting our community as we seek meaning in our lives.

We believe in meeting each congregant where they are … welcoming that wonderful diversity is what makes us who we are. Our families comprise a multitude of backgrounds, from the youngest of young to our cherished seniors, traditional and non-traditional family units and lifestyles, lifelong Jews and Jews by choice, along with families of multi-cultures and faiths.

When we gather in worship, study, celebration, support, and works that create a more just world, we learn what unites us, strengthening our connection to each other and our own Jewish identity along the way.


Mitzvah Tracker

Mitzvah Thermometer
TBO President Ed Fleishman and the Social Action Committee have set a goal of Temple members performing 18,000 mitzvot* over the next two years. (Mitzvah in the Yiddish sense, meaning an action to heal the world.) We would like to approach this effort by tracking the Mitzvah activity of our members to measure our progress. We do not want to invade the privacy of your family’s charitable efforts, but we would like to know whether you contribute time, financial support, or both. Thank you for helping Temple Beth Or in this effort.

*The Hebrew Mitzvah refers to any Jewish act/ritual & healing the world. For our Mitzvah

Tracker we are counting the latter- acts that heal the world.

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 Shabbat Worship Schedule

(unless otherwise posted)

Friday night 7 pm

Saturday morning 10:30 am 



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