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NFTYx RALFTY & DRTY Hanukkah Lock In 2023

with support from DRTY (Durham Temple Youth) and NFTYx MAR!

Friday, December 8th-9th 2023
5315 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27612

ARRIVAL/DROP OFF: Friday @ 5:30 PM
DEPARTURE/PICK UP: Saturday @ 9:00 AM

$18 Cost
Open to all Jewish teens in grades 8-12. 
Cost includes: Latke dinner, event admission, breakfast, event merch, and more.

Late arrival/early dismissal is allowed with the approval/notification of Hannah Demick, the RALFTY Advisor. Please email her if you have questions.

*Teens that drive themselves to the event can NOT leave TBO property during the event without written notice from their parents. Teens are expected to stay the entirety of the event unless they have notified Hannah otherwise.

Contact Hannah Demick with questions:

Participant Information
Please check all that apply.
100% Cotton, with drawstring/elastic waistband!

Additional Participant Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information
*We will always attempt to contact Parent 1 & 2 prior to the Emergency Contact. Please list someone other than Parent 1 or 2.

Congregation Affiliation Information

*Electronic Signature Required

Code of Conduct

The undersigned acknowledges that an online signature will, for all purposes, be treated as an original.

By entering an electronic signature above, a parent or guardian on behalf of each Participant and all parties responsible for Participant, confirms that they have read and understood the NFTY B’rit Kehillah, and understand that if the Participant does not abide by the code of conduct in place, their parents will be contacted and the Participant will be dismissed from the event. 

In the mutual interests of Temple Beth Or, the Participant, and for the well-being of all participants at Temple Beth Or, I understand, respect and will observe the rules, regulations and policies of Temple Beth Or, which have been developed for the benefit of all participants, to strengthen the Temple Beth Or program and enhance the experience for all participants. As parent/guardian of Participant, I agree to the implementation and enforcement of the following rules, regulations and policies for Temple Beth Or programming.

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784