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New Member Application

This is Temple Beth Or's New Member Application for 2024-2025.  To renew your membership gift, please login to your My TBO account.


Welcome! We're glad you found us. Please read our application carefully and complete all relevant information  Our Executive Director, Hilary Lamb is available for any and all questions at 919-781-4895 or via email at
What's your name?


We know this question can be answered many ways, but we work to provide each of our members with a balanced Temple experience between services, ritual, community, education, social programming, and lifelong connections.

Your support, both physical and financial, is crucial for continuing our success.  We hope that those who are able will consider gifting at the leadership circle level (click here for more information).   All membership gifts, whatever the level, are deeply appreciated.  

Did you know that it costs Temple Beth Or $3,200 per year to support one TBO member unit?  Please consider increasing your gift to help cover costs.

TBO Sustaining Membership Gift Levels
Family: $2,850
Individual: $2,400

TBO Other Membership Gift Levels
Senior Family (both 65+): $2,000
Senior Individual (65+): $1,700
Single Parent paying TBO Religious School Tuition: $1,700
Young Family (Oldest member under 30): $500
Young Individual (under 30): $360
Other:  Please fill in the gift amount you are most comfortable with. We kindly request that you consider contributing a minimum of 2% of your annual household income.

TBO Annual Leadership Gift Levels
We rely on the generosity of members with greater financial resources to give above the sustaining amount to ensure that we are able to run our congregation. Your extra help will be greatly appreciated. 
Etz Chaim (Trees of Life): $10,000 and above
L'Chaim (Life Givers): $7,500 - $9,999
B'ruchim (Blessers): $5,000 - $7,499
Chagim (Celebrators): $3,200 -$4,999
100% of your Annual Membership Gift is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

Religious School enrollments will NOT be approved until your membership gift has been renewed.
All membership gift installments must be completed by May 31, 2025.

We kindly ask that you consider a contribution of a minimum of 2% of your annual household income.

Your Contact Information



Member 2

Please enter the information for the second adult in the family here.


Please let us know about your kids, big and small, so we can keep in touch and provide them support and a connection to you, their parent.

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Child 2


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Yahrzeit Information

You may add more Yahrzeits once you have access to your My TBO account.

Building Fund
Temple Beth Or has a $1,500 Building Fund obligation that all members meet in order to maintain and improve our wonderful  facilities. It is payable over 5 years at $300 per year. Credit is given to those who have paid into a building fund at another Union for Reform Judaism congregation.

Security Fund Donation
Ensuring the safety and security of our members, clergy, and staff is our top priority. To maintain this crucial aspect of our community, we kindly request an assessment of $200 to support our security measures. Your contribution plays a vital role in safeguarding everyone within our congregation. Please consider making this important donation to help us uphold a secure and welcoming environment for all. Thank you for your support in protecting our community.
Auxiliary Organization Membership
TBO gathers information and membership payments for our Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Association of Reform Zionists of American (ARZA).   Please indicate which (if any) of these organizations you wish to join.
Membership in Temple Beth Or Sisterhood (TBOS)
TBOS has four levels of membership.  This allows our members, who are willing and able, to offer more than the standard dues.  The higher dues levels offset the expenses we incur as we provide services to the congregation and the community.
Helping Hands helps support TBO community members by offering meals during illness as well as supplying food for shiva minyanim in people's homes. A check here means that you will be notified when there is a need but it is always your choice if you want to respond to that email notification.
Membership in Temple Beth Or Brotherhood (TBOB)
TBOB provides a variety of volunteer activities and social programs for our members.  TBOB supports the Temple in many important ways, including providing support for various TBO Projects, b'nai mitzvah gifts, ushers for High Holy Days and more.  Dues are $36 per year.
Membership in Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA)
ARZA is the Israel voice and arm of the Reform movement.  Its focus is to make Israel a more central part of the identity of American Reform Jews and to create in Israel a more just, democratic and pluralistic Jewish homeland.  The annual fee is $50 per household.

High Holy Day Passes
We are looking forward to welcoming 5785 with you!  Adults and children over three years of age will be issued a  pass.  Passes must be shown to ushers or security personnel for admission to services.  Passes are non-transferrable and are required for all services, including Family and Youth services.

$50 for an Individual or $100 For All Immediate Family Members  (Immediate family members consist of parents, siblings, & children with spouses/partners, as well as grandchildren through college age). 
Memorial Book

This Yom Kippur, Temple Beth Or invites you to participate in creating a meaningful tribute to our cherished loved ones. We are preparing a Book of Remembrance to be shared during the Yizkor service, a solemn moment of reflection and remembrance.

By contributing to the Yom Kippur Book of Remembrance, you have the opportunity to honor the memories of those we have lost in the year 5784 and those we hold dear from years past. Your participation not only commemorates their lives but also strengthens the vibrant spirit of our Temple community.

Join us in this beautiful tradition of remembrance and support. Your involvement will make a difference and enrich our collective observance of Yom Kippur. Let us come together to celebrate the lives and legacies that continue to inspire us.

The suggested donation amount is $10 per name you would like included in the Book of Remembrance.

Membership Directory (Only Members will be able to see information)

Thank you so much for your donation. All membership gifts must be paid in full or secured with a payment plan through a credit card, echeck or automatic bank withdrawal.  You may set this up on the next page.
All membership contributions will be tax deductible in the calendar year they are paid. However, they are credited to your account by fiscal year (July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025).  

Total Member Gift
Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784