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Handmade Hanukkah Market is December 3

We are thrilled to welcome back vendors and guests for this years Handmade Hanukkah Market!   This event is free and is from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Jewish artisans will be selling their work including: jewelry, baked goods, pottery, textiles, woodwork and more.   Shop local and support your community while finding great gifts for your loved ones!

Here are last year's vendors.  We will update the page shortly.

AKline Designs

What: Cookies
Price Range:  $4-$5 per cookie


Alan Falk

What: Decorative and useful items of wood, turned on my lathe. See website for examples.
Price Range:  $2- $25

Ali's Art

What: Paintings
Price Range:  $5-$70


Amanda Toppe

What:  Painting
Price Range:  Under $45 - $200



Arlene Cohen

What: Drawings, Zen Doodles
Price Range:  $20-$80


As The Wood Turns

What:  Wood Crafted Items
Price Range:  Under $5 to $300



Azuli Sky

What: Handmade Sterling silver and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, Natural stone jewelry
Price Range:  $15-$100


Beaded Creations

What:   Beaded pictures and created scenes
Price Range:  $79 to $150



Beaded Creations by B&J

What:  Jewelry
Price Range:  $15 - $55




What: Menorah Mats and wooden decor signs and gift tags
Price Range:  $5 and up


Creature Camp Studio

What:  Stationary
Price Range:  $15-30


Comfy Home Creations

What:  Children's clothing and embroidered items
Price Range:  $8-$75


Daniel Art and Yarn

What:  Original paintings and handcrafted crochet items including purses, scarves, kippahs, hats
Price Range:  $10-$200


Dara Zuckerman Art

What: Digital Paintings and Illustrations
Price Range:  $40-$80


The Frankly Plantfarm

What: Plants
Price Range:  $5-$60


Freshly Baked by Meg

What:  Bakery
Price Range:  $3-$60


Gail VanMatre Photography

What: Photography/Prints
Price Range:  Per project

Goldman Teaware

What:  Clay
Price Range:  $22-$425


Greenberg Girls

What:  Soaps, kids crafts
Price Range:  $1-$25

Jeffrey A. Dinner Art

What:  Painting
Price Range:  $70-$200

Just Bead It by L+D+R

What:  Jewelry
Price Range:  $12 - $25

Leon McMahon

What:  Wooden Bowls
Price Range:  $15-$90


Live Gently Art

What:  Glass, plant-based soaps and shampoos, free of any animal products or synthetic chemicals.
Price Range:  mosaics range from $35 to $150; soap is $6/bar


Lynne Russell

What:  Jewelry, Photography/Prints.
Price Range:  $18 - $75
Website: or

Magical Doxie

What: Paper 3D Mandalas, layered paper gifts, greeting cards and personalized b'nai mitzvot stationary
Price Range:  $5-$50


Marla Ainspan

What: Clay, Jewelry
Price Range:  $15-$150


Mike Zidman Photography

What: Photography, Prints
Price Range:  $3-$85


Nancy Novell

What: Clay
Price Range:  $10-$118


Pearl Cohen

What: Pastels and colored pencil on drafting film
Price Range:  $20-$200


Peggy's Inspiration

What:  Jewelry
Price Range:  $15-$200


Robyn Riley

What:  Food and Jewelry
Price Range:  $18-$60


Ruff Stuff Treats

What:  Small-batch dog treats handcrafted from locally sources upcycled brewers' grain
Price Range:  $7 - $15

Susan's Garden Flower Art

What:  Pressed Flower Art and Prints
Price Range:  $2.00 - $20.00



Sweet Boy Bakery

What:  We are a local home bakery specializing in award winning brownies, decorated sugar cookies, cakes, cupcakes, jams and Jewish specialties like challah & babka.
Price Range:  varies

Temple Treasures

What:  Judaica themed fabric items. Napkins, aprons, wall hangings, table toppers, quilts, Etc.
Price Range:  $10-$200

Zishuk Nature Photos and Upcycled Glass Jewelry

What:  Glass, Jewelry, Photography/Prints
Price Range:  $5-$75

Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784