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PreK-12th Grade Curriculum

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Our Learning Goals:

Youth Learning at TBO is... 

  • Relevant
    • Children are more eager to learn when the content matters to them.  
    • Year-long learning themes will connect lessons and units to each other and connect learners to the content.
  • Deep  
    • We aim for lasting impressions, not superficial encounters with content.  
    • Jewish learning should be seen as a lifelong process, without needing to pack-in every piece of Jewish knowledge by the time they finish the program.
    • By narrowing the scope of learning, students can spend more time focusing and diving into single topics for longer periods of time.  
  • Experiential
    • Effective learning engages the entire person: mind, heart, spirit, and body. 
    • Jewish history should become Jewish memory ( *we* were strangers in Egypt, *we* stood at Sinai, etc). 
    • Less time committed to textbooks and more time committed to activities and projects.  
  • Relational  
    • We don’t just teach Torah, we pass it down. The learning of Torah is based on the relationship between a learner and their teachers and parents.  
    • Students will gain a sense of ownership of Torah by the conclusion of their Bar/Bat/Brit Mitzvah journey.
    • Jewish peoplehood and community are essential values that must be instilled if young Jewish learners are to become actively Jewish adults. 


Retreats and Trips

One way we build community and further learning in an experiential way is through retreats and trips. The following retreats and trips take place during a typical TBORS year. Some are onsite and others are offsite.

  • Family Retreat (spring; offsite)
  • 3rd-5th Grade "Taste of Camp" Overnight (fall; onsite)
  • 6th Grade B'nei Mitzvah Retreat Series (January; onsite and offsite; includes parents)
  • 6th/7th grade Healthy Relationships Retreat (February; onsite, every other year)
  • 7th Grade Camping Trip (October, Raleigh-Cary JCC)
  • 8th/9th grade Sex Ed Retreat (February; onsite; every other year)
  • 8th grade Richmond Holocaust Museum Trip (spring)
  • 9th grade visits to other houses of worship (offsite, spread out over the year)
  • Confirmation Class Retreat (fall; offsite)
  • Confirmation Class trip to L'taken Seminar (winter, Washington DC)

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