2016-17 Calendar Jan-June

We believe learning cannot begin too early nor end too late. From our tiniest people attending the TBO Preschool to our school children, young and not-so-young, to our sage octo- and even a few nonagenarians, Temple Beth Or offers creative, thought-provoking, and inspiring learning opportunities for all.

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  • Please note that each student in grades K-10 will need to register for the snack fee ($10) to help cover the cost of snack from the 2016-2017 school year.
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Annual tuition rates for Temple Beth Or Religious School:

Class Fee
Fours to Sunday School $65.00
Judaica Class (Kinder-10th) $385.00
Hebrew Class (3rd-7th); 7th Hebrew is $213.00 $415.00
B’nai Mitzvah Fee Full $1,260.00
B’nai Mitzvah Fee Half (6th Grade) $630.00
B’nai Mitzvah Fee Half (7th Grade) $630.00
Confirmation Service $100.00
Post Confirmation $240.00
Prayerbook (3rd only) $36.00
RALFTY Breishit (K-2) Membership $18.00
RALFTY Sha’ar (3rd-5th) Membership $36.00
RALFTY Jr. (6th-8th) Membership $36.00
RALFTY Membership (does not include kallah costs) $65.00